Discover Nha Trang is focused on the Nha Trang community, it’s people and the locations and businesses that make up our beautiful tourist city. Divided into Discover People, Discover Places and Discover Photos, it shows off the diversity of the city in an easy to read, content rich publication that offers local insight into the region.

We are also dedicated to a minimalist design style that focuses on enriching content rather than page after page of advertisements – delivering real stories that will improve your knowledge and experiences immensely.


What separates great travel websites and magazines from the rest of the market is the content strategy. One of Discover Nha Trang’s USP’s is the focus on writing compelling stories that touch the hearts of people. We focus on the people and places that are not so well known or often written about.


Discover Nha Trang’s overall branding and design strategy relies on a clean and minimalist concept without clutter or unneccesary content.


We still believe in the power of human connection and genuine interaction. Thus, we have assigned dedicated people (Experience Experts) to give you insightful information about the locations and themese of each edition.



This is the most important part of our magazine. We have carefully searched the city and handpicked stories of individuals that will touch your hearts and souls. These are portraits of the Vietnamese locals who don’t own a lot but still are able to do the things they do best. Discover People will help you better understand the Vietnamese way of life and and the cultural characteristics that make up this diverse community.


book_sampleThis is the second segment of our magazine and aims to highlight the special locations around the city and Khanh Hoa Province.

The main objective of this segment is to push people to discover new places around Nha Trang or to have a better or a more unique view of the specific locations we think you should visit to fully enjoy your stay in Nha Trang.


Discover Photos showcases to both domestic and international travellers how beautiful Nha Trang is by presenting our favorite images taken by our intrepid and dedicated photographers.

Photos are something we take seriously because, as the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words”. For us, it does more than that, it helps to tell a beautiful story!