Travelling to Halong City (Quang Ninh), people often think of here with pristine islands, the long sandy beach or fresh seafood. But few people know another place of Halong, where is a destination for those who prefer a little adventure, want to explore the sea city from a very special view. You are able to feel the most majestic beauty of northeast sea area. That is the Poem Mountain.

Poem Mountain is located in the center and right next to Halong Bay, which is a valuable cultural historical relic. It also kept many poems carved in stone of some kings when they see the beauty of Halong Bay. A limestone mountain high 160m looks like a giant castle with three majestic towers when being seen from a far distance . From many of different places, people can see the mountain in the different shapes such as a lying tiger, a lion which is playing with its prey or the dragon is going to fly.

The former name of  Poem Mountain is “Truyen Dang” meaning “lighting”. According to the legend was told that “Formerly, The guards had to set up the fire to alarm the capital if they see any aggressors on Truyen Dang Mountain. And then in the spring 1468, when King Le Thanh Tong patrolled at the North East Sea, his boat stopped at the foot of Truyen Dang mountain to drink wine and recite. Touched by the charming of the natural beauty, the poet – King Le Thanh Tong etched a  56 Chinese characters poem on a flat rock, about 2.5 m above the ground. Since then the mountain has been called Poem Mountain and became national historic relic are particularly important.


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Climbing Poem Mountain is one experience you should not be ignored when travel to Halong . When reach the top of mountain, you will be admired the beauty of this bay from above and see the green of the vast sea, the undulating rock islands. If you go to here at sunset or sunrise moments, you will certainly feel the most vague and fantastic beauty which you ever see. The clouds and sky like combine together into one, covering the entire Halong Bay with a vibrant and warm colors extremely.

The road of the mountain was built stairs so you can climb mountain more easily but the surrounding cliffs have hundreds of thousands of trees that you can not called name of all. Although the climbing is very tired but the cool wind of sea will blow away your tired. Sometimes, along the route to the top of the mountain you can see the goats and even naughty monkeys; blooming wild flowers and colorful butterflies float around you . If it is rain or sunny, you will not find where to shelter so if the weather isn’t nice, then take another opportunity to climb  Poem Mountain. Poem Mountain attracts a lot of domestic and foreign visitors come here to discover the picturesque beauty of this coast city.


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Some tips for your journey:

-To climbing Poem Mountain, you have to go into the small alley and hard to find and go through homes of local people so you should ask someone how to get there.

– You should wear shoes to climb mountain and prepare some water bottle because the process of climbing the mountain will make you sweat and thirsty.

– Do not forget to bring a camera or phone, you will feel regret if you can’t  capture the great moments of Halong city.

Hope you will have a great experience.


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