Photos of Ha Long, Bai Chay in 1991 were taken by German photographer to help people understand more the history of this place.

In 1991, Ha Long City was not established and the center of Quang Ninh province was Hong Gai Town.

At that time, Bai Chay was one of the most famous beaches in the North because of beautiful scenery and clear blue sea. In the 90s, from Bai Chay to the island must go by ferry about 30 minutes.

Travel services were very simple including renting floats and renting swimsuit, photography, freshwater bathing.


In 1991, Bai Chay area was also B12 petroleum port, with many large ships anchored on the bay. Halong Bay tourism had not yet appeared services such as meals on board and sleep overnight . Small wooden ships only take visitors around the bay, visitors were taken to visit Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave and return. The excursion usually ended in a morning or afternoon.

Halong Bay had 1969 islands, of which about 40 are inhabited. Each boat is a small family, including parent and 2-3 children. People make their living by fishing and selling coral to tourists. Children lived on the water when they were so young, so they can rowing well and help their parents sell coral and seafood to tourists.


Source: Zing News

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