The use of helicopters between the Vietnamese capital and the UNESCO World Heritage site means travel time between the two points, traditionally a six-hour journey by road, has been cut down to just one hour.

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Situated in the Tonkin Golf, Halong Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders, a bay with more than 3,000 islands, that time, wind and waves have sculpted into fantastic shapes. The bay is dotted with tiny islands and pristine sandbanks on the turquoise water providing an excellent backdrop for swimming or simply being lazy on the junk boat deck. You can tour Halong Bay by helicopter and it is a great way to get a panoramic view.  We organize this helicopter tour every Saturday or as a private charter upon request.

Guests will be picked up at 7:00 at their hotel in Hanoi, then transfer to Gia Lam Heliport for a 45 -minute flight by helicopter MI 8 to Halong Bay (helicopters MI 8 and 17 can carry 20 passengers, while MI 172 VIP holds 24 passengers and EC -130B4, accommodates 5 passengers only).



Passengers will enjoy 5 minutes of a bird’s eye view on Halong Bay as the helicopter flies over the bay for a bit before landing. Arriving at Halong Heliport on General Giap Hill, you will transfer to the Halong Harbor. Travelers will board a private boat for a four-hour cruise of this stunning area, stopping along the way to visit one of the limestone caves in the area.

Passengers will be treated with a sumptuous local seafood lunch onboard and transfer back to Halong Heliport at 2:30 pm and guests board the helicopter for 45-minute ride back to Hanoi. Passengers can opt for staying overnight in Halong Bay on luxury junks and travel back to Hanoi by road if time permits.


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