Sailing in Halong Bay in sunny and warm weather is ideal for everyone. Sometimes we cannot predict the change of weather. It might have storms at the end of Summer and in early Autumn. Do not make your trip spoilt if you meet the bad weather during your trip in Halong.
Here below are five experiences you can get on board during the rainy weather.

1. Join in a fun cooking class: 
Joining cooking class is not a bad idea when the weather is not on your side. The professional chefs are more than happy guiding you preparing some traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as Spring roll, papaya salad or making vegetable carving. After that the dinner is served with various courses.

2. Take photos 
We have met Halong in both rainy and sunny weather. It always brings us different feelings in every time we see Halong bay through the board. It might be that the bad weather also bring you the unforgettable shots no one can catch.

3. Go to Spa & gym 
Most of luxury cruises offer Spa/Jacuzzi on board. Do not worry about the stormy sea, you can relax with Spa services on board. There are different type of choice for you: body treatments, skincare or fascias and foot massages… by well-trained staff.

4. Go to bar and meet everyone
Seeing the bartender preparing drink and have a little chit-chat with him doesn’t cost you anything. In a stormy day, tourists love to gather together in the bar, so join them, share with them about your trips, your next destination and with some luck, you may find your next trip’s companions.

Officially recognized as one of the New7Natural Wonders of the World in 2012, Halong Bay is a must-see on anyone’s itinerary in Vietnam, thanks to its turquoise water and thousands of jagged, limestone islands. A visit to Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without a traditional junk boat cruise around the spectacular bay.
Halong bay is about 165km from Hanoi center. You now can get to Halong bay by car (3.5 hours) or by plane (40 minutes). If you need further information about Halong tour, visit:

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