Although unknown by many travelers but Lan Ha Bay is still considered one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Lan Ha Bay is located in the eastern of Cat Ba Island, that connects between Cat Ba Island and the World Wonders Ha Long Bay.  The name “Lan Ha” sounds soft, feminine and graceful making people remind about an orchid flower, that to be inflicted down to earth. Likely meaning of name, Lan Ha Bay is the Creator’s gift bring beauty for life.


Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay (Photo:

The autumn weather is the most beautiful time of Lan Ha Bay because when the sun light is not too strong, cool wind from the ocean make travelers feel refreshing and relaxing while admiring the beauty of bay. Travelers can go to Lan Ha Bay any time of the year. However, domestic travelers often go to here  from April to October, while foreign travelers often visit Lan Ha at the time from November to March.

This is a very quiet arc bay with about 400 islands draw to a huge painting describing the scenery like heaven. Lan Ha Bay has up to 139 small, lovely and desolate golden sandy  like the “blue straits” invite travelers to explore it. Many white sandy beaches stretching between two mountains are quiet, no big waves and they are really ideal beaches.

Different from Halong Bay, all of 400 islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with trees and plants, whether just extremely tiny island. A peaceful sea with small fishing villages separate from the life. Fishing villages flickers in many peaceful cluster islands, where have kinds of specialties species of area such as blue mussels (vẹm xanh), geoduck (tu hai), abalone, grouper… Under the blue water of white sand beaches are the colorful coral reefs such as Van Boi beach, Van Ha beach … Sen Island, Cu Island, Monkey Island is calm water areas, where travelers can dive and watch wonderful corals.

Coming to Lan Ha Bay, you not only swimming, watching coral reefs but also enjoying the most beautiful destination of Cat Ba Island such as:

Luon Cave


Kayaking under Luon Cave (Photo: Vanhoaviet)

Luon Cave lies on Bo Hon Island, front of it is Turtle Cave, the right is the Gate of Heaven. There are erect cliffs, blue water sea is calm and smooth as a mirror in four seasons make travelers comfortable and happy. Travelers will see a arched is door opened on the water, the special shape of it makes people feel so excited to come here. Travelers can kayak through door cave, listening to the rhythm of water drops from the top of cave, and watching slowly stalactites with all sorts of strange shapes.

Nam Cat Island


The beauty of Nam Cat Island (Photo: Halongaz)

Nam Cat Island with pristine characters, four surfaces are covered by sea and forests make it exotic charm. The impact of human on this island are limited maximally to keep  the original values of natural. In here, travelers can easily reach many services from swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing … to camping and team activities at night.

Moneky Island


Monkey Family (Photo: Static.mytour)

Previously, Monkey Island was called Pineapple Island because the island had much pandanus looked very delicous but not edible, at that time. Now, the Island is often called Monkey Island because more than 20 monkeys has been brought here by ranger team of the Cat Ba National Park . They usually play on the beach with people and eat foods such as bananas, apples, candy that people give … Funny monkeys are playing, climbing tree impress to travelers who ever came here and gradually people call this island as Monkey island.

The other places such as Van Boi beach, Turtle Island, Bell Island… also are attractive destination that travelers shouldn’t miss.

Why not try to travel Lan Ha Bay once ? Travelers will understand how is heaven on ground.

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