Halong has a beautiful and vast sea area with abundance of all kinds of sea food. There are not only fish, shrimp, crab, squid but also many strange sea creatures, that many travelers can’t be known. We have listed a few recommended dishes below:


Deep-fried squid balls


Squid are pureed to add a little pork and mixed with some vegetables and spices, such as dry onion, garlic, dill, fish sauce, pepper and then all molded into pieces like a biscuit size and fried in a pan.

“Sá Sùng”


Sa Sung is molluscs just live in coastal sand where the tide up and down. They have shape same a colorful giant worm. This is one of the rare seafood with high value and nutritious.




“Ngán” is bivalve molluscs just live in salty and brackish waters. This is a nutrient-rich foods with  full of nature protit, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. “Ngán” can be processed many different delicious and nutritious dishes as boiled, baked, salad, porridge, noodle and the most especially dish that is “Ngán wine”.

Sea Snails


There are many types of dishes from sea snail but fried sea snail with chili sauce dish is the most attractive when travelling to Halong. This dish tastes greasy, spicy hot, usually added with herbs. When drinking beer, it would be great if snails are served with.

Halong Bay Oysters


Oyster is one of the famous seafood in Halong that live on the sandy beaches, seaside quagmire. Oyster is high nutritious food, has a hard-shell and the red bowel. There are many ways of processing such as baking oysters, cooking with porridge but the best way is boiling or steaming because these ways can help maintain the nutrition and taste.


Seafood are highly nutritious foods and are much loved but always have hidden risks of food poisoning. We offer a few tips for you can enjoy seafood dishes safest way:

You should avoid eating raw seafood such as shrimp, fish, squid because they can contain vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria that harmful for the digestive system. Especially, you never eat raw crab beacause inside of unprocessed Halong’s crab have a very dangerous parasitic bacteria, that is named lung fluke make your respiratory system disordered with symptoms like cough severe big lead, coughing up blood, cerebral paralysis. Therefore, you should eat seafood are cooked for at least 20-30 minutes.

Although, sushi and sashimi are be made of raw seafood that are delicious but you should not eat too much, especially you should eat this dishes in the quality restaurants.

You should not drink too much beer while eating seafood, because it will increase the probability of having gout or arthritis disease by an excess of protein in the body.

You should not eat seafood with food like cucumbers, water spinach, melons, pears, ice water … will also cause bloating and indigestion.

After seafood meal absolutely don’t eat fruit or drink tea by these contains acidic may negatively affect the process of absorbing protein from seafood into your body. Besides, tannin from fruits may react with calcium and protein from seafood to stimulate your digestive system that leads to stomach ache and vomiting.


Enjoying stunning scenery, swimming under the turquoise seawater  and eating high nutritious seafood of Halong Bay make your trip to unforgettable memories.

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