The only tourist wharf in Halong Bay has announced to double the entrance fee for visitors to the famous destination to around US$2 starting May 28.

Tuan Chau Corporation, which manages Tuan Chau Wharf, said tourists who want to take a cruise trip on Ha Long and the nearby Bai Tu Long Bay will have to pay VND 40,000 (US$1.76) for a ticket.

This entrance fee does not cover the expenses for their trip afterward but tourists will be offered free water and Wi-Fi at the terminal.

The current fee is VND 20,000, which was only introduced last November, several months after the wharf opened and replaced the degrading Bai Chay.

The terminal can handle about 2,000 boats, 10 times more than the old one, and it can receive large vessels.

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO heritage, and Bai Tu Long to the northeast, are popular destinations in northern Vietnam and the main attractions in Quang Ninh Province, which drew 8.3 million tourists last year, 42% of them foreigners.

Last month, the bay managers bundled many attractions together, forcing tourists to pay more for a full package. Many visitors were upset and some just canceled their trip as they just wanted to visit a couple of places.

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  1. Jimmy Smooth

    Getting there and away

    “Transport to Cat Ba island from Hanoi – Getting to Cat Ba & away”



    Takes you from Hanoi to Hai Phong by bus then connects with a high speed boat to Cat Ba town (4 and half hours Hanoi – Hai Phong – Cat Ba ). It cos = 220.000 VND (low season from September – May).

    Departure time from Hanoi: 5.20; 7.20 ; 11.20 ; 13.20
    Arrive in Cat Ba: 9.45; 11.45; 15.45; 17.45
    Departure time from Cat Ba: 7.15 ; 9.15 ; 13.15 ; 15.15
    Arrive in Hanoi: 11.45; 13.45; 17.45; 19.45
    Note: In low season (from September to May), Hoang Long company only open the bus from Hanoi at 7.20, 11.20. From Cat Ba at 9.15; 13.15.

    The bus departs at: Nước Ngầm Bus Station, address: 1 Ngọc Hồi street, Hanoi.

    Contact: Hoang Long office in Hanoi.

    THE HOANG LONG TRANSPORTRATION COMPANYYou can buy ticket by yourself at: Hoang Long Office inside Ngọc Hồi bus station before the departure time 10 minutes or you can pay on the bus. It is easy and available. Make sure it is Hoang Long bus (the red bus) because there are some bus companies have a similar name but they do not connect you to Cat Ba town, they only drop you in Hai Phong city. Do not catch the Hoang Long bus to Ha Long city.

    Head office address: 28 – Tran Nhat Duat – Hanoi. Tel: 04.39282828


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