Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most stunning attractions, and there is no way to describe it other than as purely breathtaking. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Natural Wonder of the World, the bay features thousands of limestone islands and cliffs emerging from the turquoise sea, home to views that fill visitors with delight and wonder.

The number of tourists travelling to Halong is steadily increasing, however, engaging tourism information about the region is often hard to find. As a result, Discover Halong has decided to take the initiative, and the team is excited to announce “Experience Halong” Guide Book – an informative and indispensable publication to give you all the latest information when travelling here.

The Guide Book launches on 22th May 2017, and the 106-page publication contains a wealth of general information about destinations in the Halong and Hai Phong region, beautiful photos, and in-depth stories. The aim is to give travelers a unique insight into the history, culture and people of Halong and its surrounding areas along with suggestions about accommodation, entertainment, dining and much more.

“We don’t say too much about the wonderful Halong Bay landscape, as we want to give our readers a first- hand experience of the Bay through the publication”, said Pham Ha, CEO of Luxury Travel and co–founder of Emperor Cruises, who is leading Discover Halong project. “In the near future, we want to become the leading magazine in the tourism industry in Halong Bay, similar to the success we have achieved with ‘Discover Nha Trang Magazine”. We hope that this book will prove be a great resource that provides very helpful information for both local people and travelers”, he concluded.

“The Experience Halong Guide Book is compact like a notebook, easy to read and convenient for carrying while traveling. Despite its pocket size, it is packed with great information about the destination and offers sophisticated travelers all the essentials about the best hotels, restaurants and unique activities in Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Island. “It will be our pleasure to present the book to international travelers coming to Halong for the first time”, said Kim Thoa, Manager of Discover Halong.

About Discover Halong

Discover Halong is a project to promote the development of Halong to local and international visitors. Beginning with the Experience Halong Guide Book, it is also planning a destination travel and lifestyle magazine. Positioning itself as a tourism brand with a minimalist and convenient design that provides essential information for visits to Halong and it surrounds, Discover Halong aims to target the high-end local and foreign travellers who have excellent taste in both design and content. As a result, its professional and diverse team is actively partnering with high quality companies to collectively promote

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