Halong Bay is a combination of beautiful scenery and extreme contrasts between the karst islands and picturesque bays. When looked upon from above, Halong Bay looks like a giant watercolor painting in which the creator has transformed the thousands of silent stone islands into a perfect sculpture.

To give tourists an even better view of the landscape, the new, Queen’s Cable Car System (a cable car system with double-decker cabins), and the Sun Wheel of Sun World have just been launched. Immense in size, the cable car can accommodate up to 230 people per cabin, and it is one of the highest cable cars in existence, reaching 189 meters from the ground. The construction was undertaken by Doppelmayr (Austria) and Garaventa (Switzerland) – the two leading cable car companies in the world.

The starting point of the cable car system is located in Bai Chay Beach. On the journey of more than 2 km over Cua Luc Bay (parallel to Bai Chay Bridge), travelers can get an unparalleled view and experience of Halong Bay from the sky.

After about 5 minutes on the cable car, you will arrive at Ba Deo Hill (Hon Gai, Halong City). The top of the hill is where you see the  Sun Wheel, with the height 215m above sea level. It features 64 cabins, offering tourists the best vantage point with which to view the entire region below.

In addition to the cable car, you can visit the wax museum and see the impressive wax statues of some of the most famous people in various fields such as science, politics, arts, sports and the military. Some of the most famous wax statues include President Obama, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs…

The package price for the the cable car, sun wheel and other entertainment activities at Ba Deo Hill is 300,000 VND per person. Children under 1.3m are priced at 200,000 VND while kids under 1m are free of charge.



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