Dragon Eye Island has a very impressive, unique and magnificent natural landscape with jade green waters, a white sandy coastline, pristine forests, clear lakes and standing cliffs.

Dragon Eye Island is the folk name of Bai Dong Island, located in the south of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh, near the waters adjacent to Lan Ha Bay. As soon as you set foot on this island, the first thing you will notice are the plentiful green spaces of vegetation contrasting with the white sands and beautiful emerald water.

The island is about 30 hectares in area and has remained largely untouched due to a lack of past tourism activity. The front is a pure white sand stretching over 300-400 meters, leading to a heliotrope forest full of palm trees and an arc of limestone karst forming a beautiful valley.

The unique and fascinating attraction of the island is the water pool located between the rocks and dense primeval forests. This is the “dragon eye” of the island and is considered to be the most natural ecosystem in the Gulf of Tonkin. The sapphire color of the water makes it stand out in comparison to the thousands of other islands of Halong Bay. This island is a pretty new destination for adventurous travelers, as there is not much information about it. However, the intrepid visitor will be well rewarded as it’s a secret hideaway where you can immerse yourself in the cool water, and camp out in the secluded forests or right on the beach.

In the future, Dragon’s Eye island will be developed for ecotourism combined with water sport activities such as kayaking, flying boats, pontoon boats, camping spaces and more. The island has not yet access to fresh water and hygiene services, so travelers should bring everything they need in advance and make sure to clean up after themselves to keep the island in beautiful condition.

How to get there?

From Hanoi, you can go by car or bus to Bai Chay Port or Doan Port, Halong City, and rent a boat to Dragon Eye Island. Le Hoang Truong Sa Company at No. 46, Group 6, Zone 7, Hong Ha Ward in Halong City offers trips to the island at a reasonable price.

A new and more modern method of transport is provided by Hai Au Aviation. Its luxury seaplane has seats for up to 12 passengers and spacious windows, and offers an incredible view of Halong Bay from above. The pilots vary the altitude between 150-3000 meters above sea level so that you can get a perfect view of the bay and its scenery. Of course, you will arrive in style and in good time to enjoy the island.

Hai Au Aviation operates daily direct flights from Hanoi to Halong Bay and back, with trips taking approximately 45 minutes per way. They also offer 25-minute sightseeing flights over Halong Bay. Private charter flights for VIPs to Halong, Hanoi and other airports within Vietnam are also available.

To book a seaplane airline tickets, you can visit the website: www.seaplanes.vn or book tickets via telephone: 0962960698.


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